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Transform your intimate health and sexual life with sex counseling. Discover my integrated approach to empowering your sensual & sexual self. Here's to greater confidence with yourself and beyond!

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Is Integrated Sex Counseling For Me?

Sex counseling takes many different forms.
Here are some examples of topics I am currently working through with my clients:

Sexual Desire Discrepancy, Low Libido, Vaginismus, Sexual Aversion, Psychological & Sexual Trauma, Anorgasmia, Erectile Dysfunction, Painful Sex (Dyspareunia), Building Sexual Confidence, Sexual Education Coaching, and Infidelity

Courses & Credentials

Certified Intimate Fitness Instructor, International Federation of IMBuilding (Intimate Muscular Building) Moscow, Russia.
Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki Natural Healing
Cervical Awakening Practice – Sexologist Dr. Jenny Martin
Sexual Disorders Counseling – International Academy of Sexology
Male Sexual Dysfunction and Behavior – International Academy of Sexology, Moscow, Russia
Certified Master Sexpert, Intimacy and Human Sexuality Behavior, Loveology University, Los Angeles, California
Natural Medicine - Health Practitioner Strategies and Techniques in Nutrition and Emotional Therapy, Institute Of Health, Ontario, Canada
Aspects of Female Sexuality – International Academy of Sexology, Moscow, Russia
Sex and Couples Therapist Course - Integrative Sex Therapy Institute, Los Angeles, California
How We Can Help Clients with Trauma after Sexual Abuse
International Academy of Sexology, Moscow, Russia

"Very quickly I understood issues related to sexuality require more than a quick fix. More often they are related to a mental barrier, anxiety, depression, trauma conservative or religious upbringing, or simply a lack of sexual education. This led to me wanting to go back to school and become a certified sexologist and educator."

Nadiya Williams, Sexologist