Meet Nadiya

I’m a certified sexologist and pelvic floor intimate fitness expert who is most passionate about holistic intimate wellness. My journey to get here has taken many turns and spanned continents. It's looked both as glamorous as two decades spent modeling in Paris and as unexpected as surviving and thriving after a battle with breast cancer.

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Beginnings: A Ukrainian Girl Becomes a Parisian Fashion Model

I was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine. In the mid-1990s I left to live in Paris and worked as a fashion model for 20 years before settling in New York City. Like everyone, I’ve had my share of ups and downs; the downs have helped me grow, and I am as grateful for them as I am for the ups.

<<< Here I am modeling in Paris in 1994.

Transformations: Breast Cancer & My Search for Healing

One of the downs was back in 2016 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my world flipped upside down. My feminine self and intimate life deteriorated from all the treatments and medications I was taking, especially my pelvic floor. After several attempts with popular methods in the feminine wellness space, I realized there was a lack of holistic approaches to improving female intimate health. In 2017, I embarked on a new journey to become a certified Intimate Fitness instructor. After a year of gaining vital knowledge of how to help women with intimate health through improved control of their pelvic floor muscles, I created my company my company, Feminine Revival.

Very quickly I understood that pelvic floor muscles are not the only reason for issues related to intimate female health. More often it is related to a mental barrier, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic abuse, conservative or religious upbringing, or simply a lack of sexual education. This led to me wanting to go back to school and become a certified sexologist and educator.

Developing My Method

Throughout the past six years of taking various courses and certifications from national and international organizations, I have developed a method that focuses on how to improve sexual functions and dysfunctions rooted in mental and emotional states. I wanted to create a space that promotes honest communication about people's true sexual needs and desires. I’ve been so lucky to put my knowledge and years of practice to work for so many women — of all ages, from all walks of life — and to help them heal and blossom.