Confidence. Pleasure. Libido.

Get to the source of your most sensual and sexual you. From movement to intimate muscle building, and more, these courses will leave you with a new level of confidence and a whole new way to experience pleasure.

Pelvic Floor Revival Masterclass

This course delivers priceless knowledge. It’s the sexual education that you most likely never received in school. It’s an 11-video course that will help you awaken your sensitivity, understand your body, and enhance your intimate health.


Yoni Massage 101

"Sensitivity is waiting to be discovered."

This course teaches you the practice of awakening and training the genital nerve endings responsible for your sensitivity and sensuality. The skills you learn will help you become aroused more easily and more quickly, and you’ll experience a range of sensations during intercourse that you never imagined possible. The pleasure you feel will intensify your orgasms. The better trained your nerve endings are, the more intense your orgasms can become!


Pelvic Floor Self-Discovery Mini-Workshop

Increase awareness about your body, pleasure spot and re-connect with your sensual self with our simple online lessons.