Demystifying The G-Spot

Demystifying The G-Spot

It seems like there are so many myths and misunderstandings when it comes to sexuality. 

Some of this, I believe, can be blamed on film and television. The sexual fantasies that we see portrayed in our favorite romantic comedies are not very realistic. They’re scripted and directed by someone, and acted out by actors. However, we don’t know any better. 

All we know is that our sex lives aren’t comparable, and what we see on TV us unattainable. Our sexual experiences aren’t as explosive and hot and heavy, and it’s depressing. We think we’re broken. You’re not broken. 

The other side of this where we can lay blame is our own lack of understanding about sexual anatomy and sexual arousal. Don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. This isn’t taught in school. Perhaps you learn some about practicing safe sex and a little anatomy in sex-ed, but there are so many other components that just aren’t taught. 

Sex is mystified, and one of the most mystified topics is the existence of the pleasure center. That’s right, the woman’s G-spot. The “magical thing” that’s said to bring powerful orgasms and ultimate pleasure. 

We all have heard about the G-spot. But do we actually know where it is? Do we even know what it is? Let’s get into it. Simply put, the G-spot is an erogenous zone within the vagina made up of several nerve endings. It consists of hundreds of nerve endings that can create orgasms even stronger than those that are brought on by direct clitoral stimulation. It is indeed the most coveted area of arousal that many seek out. 

The Anatomy of the G-Spot

So, where the heck is it? It’s typically  located one to three inches up the front (anterior) vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra. It is also linked to being part of the female prostate gland.

When this area is massage, or even when pressure is simply applied, arousal can occur. Stimulating the G-spot can also cause female ejaculation to occur, (also known as “squirting”).

How to Find It

I am a big proponent of self exploration. Before you ask a partner to try, go ahead and explore and get to know yourself! To find the G-Spot, try inserting the finger into the vagina three inches of the way. Curl your finger back towards oneself in a “come hither” motion. This will massage the G-spot and produce pleasure.  

What Does it Feel Like? 

The best way to describe it is that it may feel like a walnut or a hard knot. By massaging in a small circular motion with fingers, orgasms can eventually be reached. In fact, in many women who have a difficult time reaching orgasm, stimulating the G-spot may help with that process.

Best Sex Positions

Finding the G-spot is all about angles. The trick to hitting the G-spot is hitting the front wall of the vagina. Typically an upward curve works for hitting the spot right on. Sex positions that are great for G-spot stimulation include: Doggystyle, any version of the cowgirl position, and side penetration. Typically, missionary positions make G-spot stimulation difficult unless the pelvis is angled in an upwards direction. 

And if you can’t find the G-spot, guess what? It’s okay! A woman who can’t access the G-spot is completely healthy and still able to reach an orgasm without it. Remember that we are all different, and we all experience sexual pleasure in our own way. 

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