Boosting a Low Sex Drive

Boosting a Low Sex Drive

Over time our sexual desire shifts, we have moments when we just can’t get enough, and other times when we just can’t get in the mood. If you are suffering from a low libido, don’t worry, it happens to everyone!

Several factors affect our libido, ranging from not being well-rested to taking medications. If your sex drive needs needs a lift, here are a few natural ways you can help yourself regain your desire for intimate pleasure.

Take Time to De-Stress

Being stressed has a major impact on your sex drive. Research shows that women’s sex drives are especially susceptible to stress. Keeping your stress low can be hard with everything life throws at you. Work, taking care of the children, drama, and beyond… life is stressful.

Relieving stress should be a part of our daily lives. A few practices that help with this are meditation, yoga, and exercise. When we quiet the mind or push the body physically, our anxiety levels drop. If you feel like you have been overstressed, try the above mentioned methods. It can be hard to get into a routine or even find the time to focus on de-stressing, but it is worth it.


Sure, they say tequila makes your clothes fall off, but did you know that too much alcohol can have a negative impact on your sex life? Too much alcohol can inhibit your ability to reach climax.

A little bit of alcohol is not a bad thing though. A drink or two may help put you at ease and lower your inhibitions which may make you crave sex more. Avoid drinking much more than that if you actually want to have good sex. Decreased blood flow and cognitive effects can cause orgasmic dysfunction. Too much alcohol can also decrease vaginal wetness, leading to less pleasurable sex.

Make sure your partner does not have too much alcohol either. Men, after consuming alcohol, can have problems achieving an erection and can cause delayed ejaculation.


It can be hard to get plenty of sleep at night. Balancing life, family and work can lead to anxiety which makes it hard to sleep restfully. Feeling exhausted can ruin your desire for sex. If you need to, take a nap. Also avoid certain foods such as fruit or anything else high in sugar before bed. And once again, alcohol can wreak havoc on your sleep as well.

Try to get in a routine of winding down before bed. This can be a great time to meditate or do yoga.

Focus on Your Relationship

Strains and stress between you and your partner lead to less attraction. Maybe you had a fight, if so you’re probably not in the mood. It is important for a woman to feel emotionally close to their partner. Make proper communication a priority in your relationship. When we are honest with our lover, we can work out anything that may cause strife.

Get Help

If taking the natural approach isn’t working for you, consider talking to a doctor. Underlying medical conditions such as a hormone imbalance can ruin your sex drive. Certain medications as well such as antidepressants can have a negative impact on your desire.

If your libido is low, take these practices into consideration. Also, be confident in yourself. When we feel confident, we feel sexy, when we feel sexy, our sexual desire increases.

Don’t allow your low libido to stress you out, it happens to everyone. When you focus on your mental and physical health, your libido will follow.

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