Pelvic Floor Self-Discovery Mini-Workshop

Increase awareness about your body, pleasure spot and re-connect with your sensual self with our simple online lessons.

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What benefits do you get with this course?

  • Finding Problems Early: These animated lessons can also help us spot issues earlier. That means we can get help sooner if something's wrong.
  • Enhanced Communication: Understanding your body and what brings pleasure can lead to improved communication with sexual partner. You can guide your partner to provide more satisfying experiences.
  • Feeling More Confident: Our self-exam teaches you how to check the muscles tone, understand what your partner feels, discover more and less sensitive spots, making you one step closer to stronger sensations. Knowing these helps to boost self-confidence strongly.
  • Orgasmic Awareness: Some women find that self-exploration during self-exams can lead to increased awareness of their own capacity for orgasm. This can help women achieve orgasms more easily during sexual activity.

    What’s included with this course and how much does it cost?

    • Descriptive video with 5 safe techniques to conduct thorough self-exam. Video includes 5 animated video instructions for each practice.
    • Life-long access
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