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Sex Therapy

Do you take insurance?

I currently do not participate with any insurance companies.

Do you see clients in person or just via online sessions?

Currently, I am just seeing clients via online sessions.

What is your policy for missed appointments?

In my experience, clients almost always have a great reason why they need to miss or reschedule an appointment. My only request is that you let me know as soon as possible, ideally 24 hours before.

In the unusual circumstance where appointments are missed and I am not notified beforehand, I will charge the full appointment fee.

Is There Touching Involved in Sex Counseling?

No. I do not touch you sexually or intimately at all. And you do not touch me. I may give you touching homework to practice alone or with a partner.

Questions & Answers

Feminine Revival Academy

Is the Feminine Revival Academy open to everyone?

Feminine Revival Academy is for anyone who wants to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles for pleasure & health benefits.

Do I have to be in a relationship to benefit from the Feminine Revival Academy?

Absolutely not. Feminine Revival Academy is designed for anyone who wants to lead a healthier, more sexually fulfilling life — whether single or in any type of relationship.

How long will I have access to Feminine Revival Academy content?

When you enroll in a Feminine Revival Academy course, you receive the benefit of LIFETIME ACCESS. And being an online offering with pre-recorded lessons, you'll have unlimited access to the content anytime, anywhere in the world.

Do I need wifi to complete the courses?

Yes, you need wifi to study at the Feminine Revival Academy.