Pelvic Floor Revival Masterclass

Pleasure Benefits:

• Increased sexual desire

• Strengthen and tone Pelvic Floor Muscles

• Enhanced lubrication and arousal during sex

• Boost your libido and sexual response

• Elevated vaginal control for improved sensitivity and intensified pleasure

Health Benefits

• Helps with painful or prolonged menstrual cycle
• Prepare for non-traumatic vaginal birth
• Speed up postpartum recovery
• Post-menopausal rejuvenation of vaginal tissue
• Strengthen pelvic organ prolapses
• Dramatically improve incontinence

What You'll Get: 

• 6 Hours of Content (11 modules total) filled to the brim with guidance & techniques to bring enhanced health & pleasure to your pelvic floor
Forever-access to the Pelvic Revival Masterclass
• Pelvic Floor Revival Device Included with Purchase of Course

The course covers the following: 

Female Pelvic Floor Anatomy: In this section of the course, you will hear from Dr. Lana Selitzky, OB-GYN, as she teaches you about your beautiful pelvic floor anatomy. 

Sacred Flower Breathing Exercise: This is a diaphragmatic breathing technique that will help you to relax & strengthen your pelvic floor. 

Pelvic Floor Self-Discovery Exercises: This intimate exploration is just for you. My guided online course will help you connect with your body, getting to know your pleasure spots while helping to address common concerns, build pelvic floor strength – and heighten your pleasure and confidence.

Yoni Massage: This section of the course will teach you how to awaken the 10,000 underdeveloped nerve-endings in your vulva & vagina.

+ How to engage your pelvic floor muscles in everyday life and much more...

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Pelvic Floor Revival Device Included with Purchase of Course

In order to build muscles we need to give them resistance. We do this in our Intimate Fitness programs with the help of our patented, personal intravaginal device made from medical-grade materials. The device has a small detachable air pump to adjust the size (for your comfort) and provide internal resistance for your muscles to work against. This will help you feel the contraction of each individual muscle and help strengthen your pelvic floor.