Pelvic Floor Revival is a six-hour long course that will take you through the following: breathing exercises, exploring your pelvic floor anatomy, strengthening and toning your pelvic floor muscles. Additionally, the course contains a workshop on yoni massage.

What benefits will you get with this course?

• Increased sexual desire
• Strengthen and tone Pelvic Floor Muscles
• Enhanced lubrication and arousal during sex
• Boost your libido and sexual response
• Elevated vaginal control for improved sensitivity and intensified pleasure
• Learn skills that bring greater pleasure and satisfaction to you & your partner
• Reverse vaginal dryness
• Helps with painful or prolonged menstrual cycle
• Prepare for non-traumatic vaginal birth
• Speed up postpartum recovery
• Post-menopausal rejuvenation of vaginal tissue
• Strengthen pelvic organ prolapses
• Dramatically improve incontinence